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Pewter Casting:

The pewter casting process begins with an original work of sculptured art or an existing object. A mold is made from the original and then the pewter is poured into the mold and left to cool. Depending upon the detail and shape of the original, the mold may require several parts or sides. After the mold has cooled the piece is then removed and all excess slag is trimmed away. The piece is then buffed and an acid treatment is applied to give it the deep dark rich color that pewter is known for. With scale model reproduction sometimes as many as fifty parts are required and they all have to be created the same way. Once all of the parts are created they are soldered together and assembled by hand to create the final reproduction. In some cases the amount of work required to create the original, make the molds, poor the pieces, buffing, cleaning and then final assembly can be very lengthy.

The pewter casting techniques used by Bad Ass Diecast are state of the art and all of the production steps are accomplished in-house at our Jacksonville facility. Any object up to about 5" cubed can be reproduced. At Bad Ass Diecast, we use only the finest jewelry grade, lead-free pewter and we consider our pieces to be more than diecast reproductions, we consider them to be works of art!

Original Sculpture:

We have a team of artist that can create any original sculpture that you might desire. Belt buckles, promotional and commemorative coins, plaques, awards, business card holders and scale model reproductions are just some of the items that we produce. If you are interested in the detailed viewing or the purchase of our existing creations visit our On Line Store. Or if you would like for us to create something for you, please visit our Contact Page.


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