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Who is Stan Gill?

Those of us that remember the NHRA and the drag racing days of the seventies and Stan Gillearly eighties, will remember Stan Gill. For more than 18 years Stan was the factory representative for many of today's leading manufacturers of high performance and race car components. A member of "The Performance People" of the Mr. Gasket companies; such as Lakewood, Hays, Hurst, Cragar, Weld and Mallory Ignitions. Working with Bob Devour, Bob Wyman, Steve Tanzi, Frank Carstenson, Steve McAllister and Tim and Beth Hyatt to name a few who are still involved in the race industry. Over the years traveling the race circuits in NHRA and IHRA Drag Racing, NASCAR, Tractor Pulling with hands on support and maintenance to assist the race teams at each event. With the primary focus on clutches and ignitions, those were the best years, working with the best friends and helping the best racers.

Prior to "The Performance People," Stan raced in the early days in funny cars and was owner/driver of both fuel and alcohol cars. He was also involved in gas and modified cars in NHRA and took a turn driving a few alcohol Hydro boats in the mid 70's.

Still involved in the racing industry, Stan devotes his time to the Diecast and Performance Industry and finds many of his customers are involved in both. Vintage race cars and fans; current race cars and fans; and the muscle car clubs are all good diecast customers as well as those who purchase from the factories he once represented: Flowmaster Exhaust, Flaming River, Hotchkis Suspension, Sniper Tuning Software, Mr. Gasket, Lakewood, Mallory, Hays Clutches, Cragar, Weld, Hurst, and Howard's Cams and Components to name a few.

Stan has been Directly involved in the diecast industry for the past 19 years. Stan along with long time friend "Waterbed" Fred Miller founded both RCI and RCCA in the late 80's and then merged with Action Performance Companies in 1993. After building tooling for the NASCAR and drag race markets Stan left Action and entered into the dirt late model and dirt modified markets with ADC. Stan sold his interest in ADC in order to persue his life long interest in drag boat racing with BAD. In 2007 Stan was inducted into the Beckett Racing Collectibles Hall of Fame with "Waterbed" Fred and Richard Petty. Stan was inducted due to his innovative approach and high standards for detail and accuracy in diecast.

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