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Located at 5910 Highway Ave Jacksonville, FL 32254, is a manufacturing, distribution and retail sales company, dedicated to the individual collector of high quality investment grade, diecast collectibles.

The company is locally owned and operated by Stan and Cyndie Gill. Stan and Cyndie have been involved with the collectable diecast industry for more than sixteen years.

Stan Gill, race car driver/owner in the early days raced in funny cars and both fuel and alcohol cars under various sponsors. He was also involved in gas and modified cars in NHRA and took a turn driving a few alcohol hydro boats in the mid 70's. During this time he was a factory representative for many of companies that were involved in racing. Now retired from racing Stan devotes all of his time to diecast collectibles and the diecast industry.

Along with manufacturing his own line of diecast collectibles, original pewter castings and pad printing services, Stan has consulted on several projects for other diecast manufacturers as well. The skills that he acquired from the racing and after market automotive parts industries have become a valuable tool in the diecast industry. With a keen eye for detail and a strong knowledge of the automobile and racing industries, Stan will not be associated with any collectible that is of poor quality.

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Top Fuel Hydro Drag Boats are here!

Reproduced in 1/18 scale with full sponsor and team markings, exact color schemes and enough mechanical detail to keep you looking at them for hours. Fully licensed and authorized by the racing teams and their sponsors the boats will be produced in limited quantities and with individual serial numbers. Sure to appreciate in value they will only be available through the individual racing teams and Bad Ass Diecast Inc. For the whole story Click Here.

Additional Services

Pewter Casting: Something that is very dear to Stan's hart is casting objects, original works of art and short run collectible reproductions in pewter. Bad Ass Diecast only uses the finest lead free jewelry grade pewter. Visit the Pewter Casting page for more details.

Pad Printing: Pad printing is the term given to the process that allows the diecast manufacturers to reproduce all of the graphics and logos that are seen on the diecast collectibles being made today. Pad printing was originally developed by the diecast industry but it is not limited to this field. Just about anything from golf balls to coffee cups can be pad printed and it is a excellent tool to produce short run promotional items. Stan and his associates at Bad Ass Diecast are proud of their in-house pad printing capabilities and equipment. Visit the Pad Printing page for more details.

Custom Work and Repair: Oh No, it fell off the shelf! Do you have a diecast collectible that is broken and in need of repair or you cannot find your dream car in the color that you like? Well don't despair, for quotes and information of services that are available use the Contact Page or just e-mail us at .


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