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Process - Prototype

The Prototype

We modified the mock up and it was sent back to China. Correspondence with the China team continued at least every other day throughout the next several months with more pictures, questions and details.

At about nine months into the project, we received the first prototype. Just like the mock up the prototype is all hand made out of wood or polymer and in 1:8 scale. In this phase more attention is given to detail and all of the mechanical and hardware features are included. All of the detail that is to be put into the actual diecast reproduction is defined in this step.

Technical manuals and drawings were obtained by establishing a good relationship with the manufacturers of the components that are used in the actual boat. This provided us with the necessary information to properly duplicate each component. Assistance from manufactures such as: MSD, Aqua Systems, Brad Anderson, Don Hampton, Canyon Watercraft and many more were a big help in the production of the very first diecast Top Fuel Hydro Drag Boat.

After several days of modifications and more documentation the prototype was sent back to the China team for correction. As you can see by looking at the photos the quality of the prototype was just as good as the mock up and very few corrections were needed.

To get from here to the final step of creating the actual production mold, both the mock up and the prototype have to be disassembled and multiple cross sections have to be made of all the individual parts. This is done in order to correctly measure and record all of the dimensions. The dimensions are then fed into a computer and the final mold or die is created through a CNC process.

It is a real shame but unfortunately the final step of creating the production mold destroys both the mock up and the prototype.

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