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Process - First Shot

First Shot

After eighteen months into the project we finally received the First Shot. First Shot is the term that is given to the first few models produced from the actual production mold. It is the preliminary 1:18 scale reproduction produced from the same mold that all of the reproductions will be made from.

In this step the final details of form, fit and function are worked out. Any changes that need to be made for the ease of assembly can also be addressed. Changes can still be made to the mold but they have to be minor and anything drastic would call for a remake. Once all of the minor changes are completed the mold is then put through the final process of hardening. This is done to enhance the life of the mold and to insure that all of the pieces produced from the mold do not vary from the first to the last. After the mold is hardened there can be no more changes (not even minor) without a complete remake of the entire mold.

Some of the other details that are addressed in this step are the unique colors and textures for each of the individual componets. During this phase is also when all of the colors for each of the individual teams will be assigned. To insure that the materials used are true to scale, all of these steps are accomplished by working directly with the First Shot models.

Look through the pictures and take note of all of the details such as opening canopy, removable driver's capsule and access hatches that are held in place with small magnets. Note the functional steering gear and all of the detail that was given to the engine and the engine compartment. See the w-drive, the prop shafts with propellers that spin and all of the attention that was paid to the driver's cockpit. This scale diecast reproduction will be one of the finest that we have ever manufactured!

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